Little Hearts Sweetheart Gram Item Information

Little Hearts Sweetheart Gram [r500]
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Give the gift of an NC item with this Sweetheart Gram. Purchase this Sweetheart Gram and choose from exclusive NC Valentine items to send to a Neofriend, no gift box needed! This gram also has a chance of including a Limited Edition NC item. Please visit the NC Mall FAQs for more information on this item.
Zones Affected: (1) None

Item Notes:
This item was available for purchase in the NC Mall until February 19, 2017.
This gram contains a choice of:

Bonus Item:

For more information on Grams, visit ourguide.
This items cannot be purchased on SW
This item cannot be purchased in Auctions This item cannot be purchased in Trades
Item Released: February 6, 2017 Est. Cost: 200 NC