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Welcome to the Neopets Customization database! Here you can find information on over 6,000 Neopets customization wearable items, search our Neopets color database, compare Neopet colors, see pet emotions, and create your very own Neopets customization wearable wishlist! We're your resource for everything related to Neopets customization and wearable items!

Here are the latest updates from the Customization department.

MiniMME21 has Arrived!

The all new MiniMME20: Galactic Prince Space Jacket is now available for purchase in the NC Mall for 300NC. This MME is male themed and looks like it goes along with the female Galactic Princess Dress. The MiniMME21: Galactic Prince Space Jacket will only be available until March 15, 2015 before it starts transforming. If you're looking for new male clothes for your boys, this might be the MME for you. Hurry before it's gone!


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For more details on this MiniMME and all other Morphing Experiments, our complete guide is a good place to look. Our guide even shows how to find all the IDs for the MME's in the mall.

Mysterious Morphing Experiments Guide

» post on Wednesday, March 4th 2015 @ 3:18 pm EST by Mouseykins (Comments: 1)

New Mystery Capsules!

The St.Paddy's day items are finally here! Loads of laughter, gold, and green to spread the holiday cheer! This capsule is available for purchase for 150NC. The Retired Argyle Green Shop Mystery Capsule contains at least one retired item, if you are lucky!
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The Glittering Green Mystery Capsule contains at least one regular item and has a chance of awarding one of three bonus items.
Regular Items:
mall_trink_shamrocksurround.gif mall_acc_shamrockscarf.gif mall_hh_shamrock.gifmall_shower_greenglitter.gif mall_clo_emeraldsweater.gif mall_fg_potofgoldframe.gif mall_trink_shamrockarbor.gif

Bonus Items:
mall_dress_greenglitter.gif mall_acc_wigemeraldjewel.gif mall_bg_greenhouse.gif
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» post on Wednesday, March 4th 2015 @ 1:52 am EST by rainbowmoonlightstar (Comments: 3)

Have an Undeniably Untamed Uni Day!




uni_8-bit_happy.png uni_biscuit_happy.png

8-bit           &           Biscuit


uni_brainyoutfit.pngclo_uni_brainy_glasses.gif clo_uni_brainy_pants.gif clo_uni_brainy_shirt.gif clo_uni_brainy_shoes.gif clo_uni_brainy_jacket.gif

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» post on Tuesday, March 3rd 2015 @ 4:36 am EST by Mouseykins (Comments: 1)

Brand new NC Collectible! Out now!

Tired of all the red and pink from Valentine's day? In the mood for a eye color change? Well now you can with this months collectible item! It's available now in the NC mall! Hurry up and go get the Chadleys Collectors Contacts before they disappear! Available until March 31, 2015. Get it now, while you can!


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NC Collectibles Guide

» post on Monday, March 2nd 2015 @ 8:37 pm EST by rainbowmoonlightstar (Comments: 6)

Two Brand New Morphing Potions!
Desert Chia & Glowing Koi

» post on Friday, February 27th 2015 @ 9:08 pm EST by Mouseykins (Comments: 0)

New MiniMME Released!

MiniMME20-S1: Galactic Princess Dress is now available in the NC Mall!




View our MME Guide for more details!

» post on Wednesday, February 25th 2015 @ 11:19 pm EST by Ali Cat (Comments: 3)

New Crafting Quests & Mystery Capsule!
Delina the Crafting Faerie has some new quests for interested Neopians to complete! With these new crafting items come six more exclusive wearables!

mall_back_flower_scissors_cuto.gif mall_clo_flower_fabric_dress.gif mall_trink_neon_flower_garland.gif
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Crafting Faerie Quests Guide

In addition, the Dark Sorcerer Mystery Capsule has been spotted in Future Fashions! Be on the lookout for this capsule in the main mall area soon!

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Mystery Capsule Guide

» post on Wednesday, February 25th 2015 @ 12:25 am EST by Ruto (Comments: 8)