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Welcome to the Neopets Customization database! Here you can find information on over 6,000 Neopets customization wearable items, search our Neopets color database, compare Neopet colors, see pet emotions, and create your very own Neopets customization wearable wishlist! We're your resource for everything related to Neopets customization and wearable items!

Here are the latest updates from the Customization department.

Newest Pet Colors Activated!


lupe-chocolate.jpg skeith-wraith.jpg

Chocolate Lupe      &        Wraith Skeith



Pastel Techo        &        Water Techo

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New Gift Box Mystery Capsule!

As we come to the end of yet another month, a new Gift Box Mystery Capsule has arrived in the NC Mall! Like all Gift Box Capsules, it will be on sale for a limited time only.



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Backpack Packing Center

The Backpack Packing Center will allow you to donate your unused NC items in exchange for NC prizes. To find out more about how to donate, and the prizes that are available, view our guide!




View our Guide!

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Introducing the Garden Party!


Shenanigifts has recently released a brand new party! The Garden Party is filled with all sorts of garden themed items to celebrate this special time of year. Head on over to the NC Mall to pick up your invitations and power-ups and then go party with some Elephantes! Test your luck and see what you score!

mall_wig_pearlcircletwig.gif mall_trink_minigarden.gif mall_hh_mosaicviolin.gif mall_bg_traditiongarden.gif

Click the above images for more information!

To learn more about Shenanigifts and see a complete list of prizes and parties available, check out our guide.

Shenanigifts Guide

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September Collectible Featuring Kanrik!

With the month of September just beginning, it's time for a new Collectible in the Friend or Foe collection to be released. This time Neopians can purchase a belt just like Kanrik's and channel their inner thief. The Kanrik Collectors Weapons Belt will only be available until September 30, 2015. To qualify for the bonus at the end of this collection set you need to purchase all five items on one account and trading for the items does not count towards the bonus.


Click the above image for more information!

For more details and a complete look at all the collections, please visit our guide.

Collectible Collections Guide

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Two New Morphing Potions Have Arrived!

Kauvara now has two more morphing potions for sale in her magic shop. Why not head there now and see if you can snag one!


     Rainbow Bori & Zombie Blumaroo

» post on Tuesday, September 1st 2015 @ 6:23 am EST by Mouseykins (Comments: 2)

New Archives Page for Customization!

With the multitude of NC Mall games that have been released, Customization has created an archives page. On this page you can find out which games are still active and learn a little bit about them before visiting their separate pages. As there have been a few games that have retired from the NC Mall, you can learn about them at the bottom of the page and see what you may have missed out on. So without further ado I present to you our Archives - NC Mall Games page!


Archives - NC Mall Games

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